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one day I’ll make a blog called b17ch and blog about the faults in everything to do with arbeloa and his minions and maybe I’ll be the one to save the poor people who support him and regurgitate the “cap17an” shit.

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raggizz asked: How can you possibly hate Xabi just because he left for Bayern? He said himself that winning La Decima was a nice ending for the Madrid-adventure and he felt like he couldn't achieve more here. Plus - Xabi and Perez had a gentlemans agreement: if they recieved a bid for him and he wanted to go, Perez wouldn't stand in his way.


  • he hardly gave us any warning. as i recall, he left something like five days before the transfer window ended. IF we wanted to replace him, five days is hardly sufficient time. 
  • he went to one of our main european rivals. in my book, going to a rival isn’t a turn-on. 
  • because it was a surprise 
  • there are no gentlemen’s agreements between a traitor and a fuck-up for a president. 
  • I’m not saying everyone has to hate Alonso for it, but it pisses me off that he gets to prance on over to Bayern Munich and act like he’s leaving Real Madrid a hero. 
  • The whole time he’s been at Real Madrid, he’s never been overly passionate about the club (his La Decima moments were truly spectacular, partly because they demonstrated genuine love for Real Madrid and partly because it was the first time in ages he actually seemed invested in what Real Madrid is—not in whether we win or lose but in what we are). And then he leaves and suddenly it’s the hardest decision of his life?? I don’t buy it. 
  • I just don’t have any sympathy for Xabi Alonso. Compared to others, he was treated so well at RM and he should have left in a better way if he wanted to leave. 
  • Di Maria’s exit was obviously not ideal either, but at least he did it with some class. He’s gone through some rough patches where the fans have despised him, booed him, etc., and he wasn’t constantly moaning Hala Madrid while jacking off to our 9th CL celebration, but IMO he just seemed more genuinely sad about leaving and more genuine about loving Real Madrid in general. 
  • I guess what it boils down to is that I don’t find Alonso to be a very genuine person, and I don’t like the way he left. And I don’t like Bayern Munich either, but (shockingly) that doesn’t factor in as much as the other stuff. 

raggizz I’m going to post this publicly just because a lot of people have been asking the same question! 

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"A very deep and great friendship connects me with him. When a partner has a problem, one has to help, give love. The same was when I had a bad moment, Cristiano was the first one to worry and ask me how I was. I have a fantastic relationship with him. And he’s without a doubt the best player in the world and a brilliant friend." -Sergio Ramos

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RealPathetique’s Primer on Real Madrid (Dumb Edition)


There are plenty of resources available to new fans of Real Madrid, that detail the notable history of players, teams, and the club itself. But this isn’t for that…sometimes you just need a primer on the dumb shit. The stuff that barely has anything to do with football but still means enough to the fans that they’re referenced with loving “in-jokes”. Watch out guys, this might take a while.

Real Madrid’s Stupidity/ Fan Lore (no particular order).

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