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That boy up there is Dawid Pawlaczyk, a 14 year-old from Poland. Last year, on August 14, while biking back from his friend’s house he was hit by a car which caused him to go into a coma for 3 months. He has been a fan of Real Madrid for 3 years now. His parents, never losing faith, brought to the hospital his favorite Real bed covers and played Real’s games through earphones, as he still ceased to wake up.

A miracle happened on November 18th. After the emotions of Cristiano Ronaldo scoring, Dawid opened his eyes for the first time since the accident. He was back home a month later.

A Polish newspaper, Fakt, contacted Cristiano about this amazing story and he reacted immediately. His agent contacted the Pawlaczyk family and invited them to Madrid at his own cost. Because of this, Dawid was able to watch Real play Dortmund this Wednesday as a VIP.

After the game, Cristiano met with him personally. He was sure to ask Dawid about his state of health and how proud he was with the boy’s strength. Cristiano was so inspired by Dawid’s story, he was sure to invite him back for the semi-finals of the Champions League. And even with all that, Cristiano gave the young boy his match game shirt, to which Dawid responded would “be put in a frame and hung on the wall”. As a sign of thanks, Dawid gave Cristiano a red and white Polish scarf, which Hugo, Cristiano’s brother who was also there, put on immediately.

The point of this is: a lot of people are very critical about Ronaldo. He has a pretty face, is confident, and sometimes can come off as arrogant: but none of us have the right to judge him. He has a life beyond football and what we see on the pitch, and because he laughs mockingly sometimes or says something that you didn’t like, or just the pure fact that he wears a lot of hair gel, does not identify who he really is.

This is not the first time he’s gone out of his way to do something for a fan. He answers all his fan mail, sends signed pictures and shirts to those who ask, visits hospitals, donates money and donates blood. This man, for God’s sake, doesn’t even have tattoos because then he would no longer be able to donate his blood. He doesn’t drink.

Because he likes to look nice, is a good looking guy and has confidence and a strong character always seems to me, as the only thing people look at. And I’m sorry, but if this doesn’t move you in some way then there’s something wrong.

Cristiano Ronaldo, from what we have seen, is an amazing, caring and thoughtful person, and personally I think it is an honor to be able to live and experience a huge celebrity who doesn’t take his fame for advantage. Yeah, he has his bad moments, but that’s because he’s human.

Cristiano Ronaldo is to me, an inspiration through and through. In a world where so many celebrities neglect their fans and give off bad examples, he stands out.

I’m not going anti-Messi here, nor anti-Barcelona, I’m saying this as a girl who has seen enough issues and pain around the world.

I do not care if you are a Ronaldo hater or whatever. I don’t care if you call me a Ronaldo loving fangirl, I do not care if you say the only reason I care is because he’s hot, because trust me, I have to deal with enough shits who make fun of me everyday. And yes, it has to do with gender, but that’s a different story.

Whether you love him or hate him or you’re stuck between the Messi-Ronaldo fight, there is one thing you have to admit: Cristiano Ronaldo is, and I’ll say it again, an inspiration and an outstanding person. And if you ever tell me he’s an egotistical bastard stuck in his hair gel, I will shoot you down every single time. Because if you cannot see a good person in all he has done, then may God help us all.

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